Thursday, July 09, 2009

Here on vacation.........

...... in Indianopolis. Goodness - where is the time going - I can't believe that it is nearly a month since I last posted !

Well the summer has been busy - down at the beach, at the movies, still working in between.

But Rich took this week off and we decided to take a road trip to Indy. We spent the day at the childrens museum yesterday - it was absolutely fabulous. Apparently it is the biggest childrens museum in the world at over 400,000 sq feet. And I think we walked every inch of it LOL.
There was a superb Tutenkamun exhibition there which we all enjoyed. Something I have wanted to see since I was a little girl. The boys also loved the steam train which was in there, the Jedi star fighter which was the actual film prop from Star Wars - The Clone Wars. There was so much to see. A brilliant day for all of us.

Today we are meant to be going to the zoo but at the moment it is raining - hopefully we will be able to go later today as the zoo here is awesome too - they have leafy seahorses which are absolutely exquisist. I wanted to bring one home with me the last time we came here LOL :O)

Anyway - when we get back to Michigan I will get back into my posting mode - get those pages made, make some cards and fun stuff to share with you all :O)

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