Friday, August 31, 2012

Cruise 2008 albums finally finished !!!!

Well it took me long enough I know !!!

It was a 12 day trip - 7 days around the Mediterranean & 3 days in the UK.
And I am pleased to tell you that back in February I finally finished it and took a photo of the stack of albums which I had to use to be able to contain all of the layouts 
which I had made of our amazing vacation :O)
I put the ink pads next to it to give you a point of reference to you can see just how many layouts I did !!
This project was truly Close To My Heart. 
The top album contains just the 3 days in the UK - the bottom 2 are of the 
cruise :O)
I used the same paper, cardstock and inks throughout all 3 albums - makes life so easy.
Hope this makes you smile :O)   Love Sara x

Thursday, August 30, 2012

I'm thrilled to welcome Yoshino to my CTMH team :O)

So excited to have Yoshino on my team - she sooooooo wanted that darling bag and when I told her she will get to play with Monica and I on November 17th - I couldn't stop her :O)

Welcome Yoshino - we are going to have fun :O)

Don't forget you only have today and tomorrow to sign up and get the adorable damask pattern bag for FREE

Click HERE to join my Legacies of Love team today :O) 

Chisato's cute purse :O)

A few months ago one of my class members - Chisato 
- walked into the class holding a darling purse - 
we all 'ooohhhed' and 'aaahhhhed' over it and she told us she had made it. 
We all complimented her on how cute it was and joked that we all needed one too.
It wasn't until a little while had passed when it suddenly occurred to me
that the adorable brown and white striped ribbon was Close To My Heart Ribbon!!!
OMG - what a cute way to use it - not just for cards and layouts but for your purses too :O)

Hope you like it as much as we did - Love Sara x

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Here is my dear friend and fellow consultant Dr Phil Wilhelm at the awards receiption in Dallas.

I think we clean up pretty well :O)
We had both earned awards for being in the Top 10 sales of the United States and also for Phil 

in the Top Ten for recruiting - woohoo - go Dr Phil :O)
I am so blessed to have him as a friend - he is a great source of encouragement & a tremendous team builder - I admire so much of what he does with his business -  and we have so many moments of fun & giggles :O) 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Scrapbook layout class at Masako's House :O)

I wanted to share the fun scrapbook layout class I teach at my dear friend Masako's house every month - we have so much fun learning new techniques.
This  month we used the Dakota WOTG paper & stamp set plus the co-ordinating stamp set and then added Sweetleaf and Buttercup cardstock to it to make a Spring/Summer layout 
- not at all Western themed.
We used the White Daisy exclusive ink to distress the edges of the Sweetleaf cardstock and then used Whisper ink to distress the whisper cardstock. 
We scissor distressed the barn red cardstock and stamped the line image on it (I think the stamp 
looks  a bit like a fancy mustache haha) and stamped Buttercup ink on the Buttercup 
cardstock for a tone on tone effect :O)
***Yes I know that the layout is the wrong way up and you need to hold your head at an angle but I can't work out how to spin the photo as it took it on my iphone and uploaded it straight from there LOL :O)***

The layout is from the new Make It From your Heart magazine - have I told you how much I love this magazine??? OMG - it is awesome - scrapbook layouts & card blueprints & cutting guides - I can highly recommend it :O)

Hope you like it as much as I do  - Love Sara x

Monday, August 27, 2012

Okay so to give you even more of an idea of what we get up to at Convention - along with the
Create n Takes, business classes, and Extravaganza classes -
here are a couple more photos which show you the fun we have :O)

Below is a photo of JuliAnne, Victoria, Dana and I with the CTMH sign - there was a table of
sparkly hats & jackets - how could we resist!!!
 The photo below makes me giggle every time I see it 
- Dana gave us all a turquoise bandanna and told us to get creative on how we wore it - 
we didn't let her down - especially as we were also given mustaches to wear!!!

What Victoria & I didn't realise was that Kristen was in the photo too - so when this was posted we just cracked up laughing.
Hope it makes you smile as much as it does me :O) 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fun at convention

What a fun group of ladies :O)

This was just one of the fun photos we took when we were in Dallas at Convention last month 
- oh my goodness - we laughed till our sides aches - 
this is just one of the many
things I love about Close To My Heart !!!

I have made such good friends over the years & as we are scattered about the United States,
CTMH Convention is one of the times we all get together.

Hope this makes you smile as much as it does me :O)
Love Sara xxx

Friday, August 24, 2012

CTMH Cruicut Artiste Cartridge.

So . . . .  many of you have been asking me about the new Close To My Heart Cricut Artiste cartridge so I am giving you a quick look at some of the 700 images it has.
I was so excited when I saw this - OMG it has pretty much everything I could imagine on it.

Even better - it comes with 3 sets of specially designed stamps and 3 sheets of dimensional elements all of which fit these new images :O)

So ???? Are you just blown away - just look at all of these different styles of boxes and bags
- perfect for gifts etc  :O)

Get your cartridge by clicking here - remember if you host your own gathering and have combined sales of just $250 you can choose to receive this fabulous cartridge along with the 3 sets of specifically designed stamps & 3 sheets of dimensional elements for just $49:50. Does it get any better than that?????
Contact me and book your gathering today :O)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

It's Your Day

Oh my goodness - what a fun set & what an AWESOME DEAL !!!

What do you think of this fabulous double set of stamps from Close To My Heart - a limited edition set created just for National Stamping Month in September. 
Best of all - this set is available NOW - wooohooo - fun backgounds, images, words, calander days, layer stamps and more - it is perfect for cards and scrapbooks - what more could you want :O)

Spend just $35 and get this great double set which is valued at $35.90 for just $5 !!!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Halloween Potions

So . . . .  what do you think of these adorable holders which I made for the over-sized test tubes which I had purchased online from Amazon? 
I used the Cruicut to cut out the labels and the co-ordinating mats for them and glued them to the glass with liquid glass. The holders I made up as I went along - so sorry I don't have cutting ans scoring guides for these :O(
I used the corner rounder to scallop the edges of the Smokey Plum cardstock and layered it over Black cardstock. I used the silver adhesive trim on top of the cardstock then used a Paper flower with a cricut flower in the center. of that. Then I added silver Glitz gel glue to the center of those.
I used mini sparkles on the Pickled toad and Eye of owl labels - you probably have to zoom in on the photo to see them.
I filled one with chocolate covered raisins and the other with candy 'eyeballs' from the baking section of the grocery store - so stinkin' cute :O)

Hope you like them,  Love Sara xxx

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Wooohooooo - Welcome Diane :O)

I am thrilled that Diane had joined our team - yes she got the beautiful bag free with her sign up kit - and yes she gets to come and play with Monica and I - I am so excited :O)

I would like to send Diane a big congratulations for joining the wonderful CTMH family :O)

If you would like to join my team for just $49 - click HERE :O)

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

My Beautiful Bracelet

I had to show you my gorgeous bracelet - I do have a couple more charms to add to it but wanted to share it with you so far. This is my Celebrate Close To My Heart bracelet and it represents all sorts of areas of my business with Close To My Heart. So this is what the charms represent
The butterfly was a gift from my dearest friend in CTMH - so it represents ALL of the friends I have made since  I joined CTMH 9 years ago.
The Heart is for Close To My Heart and the love that Janette Lynton - the CEO - has for us all.
The Suitcase represents my 1st cruise which I earned which was to Alaska.
The Fish represents the 2nd cruise which was the Mediterranean cruise.
The Kiwi was for the New Zealand land trip
The Palm Tree was for the Western Caribbean cruise
There is a Star Fish (waiting to be added) which represented the cruise to the Eastern Carribean cruise.
Then there is Mickey Mouse which represents the fun Conventions we have had at the Disney resorts
The Bag of Money represents the money I earn from being an Independent Consultant with CTMH - it ways for Leo to do Marching Band, both of the boys trumpet payments, my car and fun trips which we wouldn't be able to take otherwise.
And finally the Turtle was for the Hawaiian island cruise which I earned this year and the pearl is from the oyster I opened when we were on Waikiki beach.
I need another bead to represent the upcoming cruise - this time to the Southern Caribbean which I have earned and will cruise in February 2013.
Hope you like it :O)

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

I want to welcome Robyn to our team :O)

WOOOOHOOOOO - welcome Robyn - I am so glad you have come to join us. 

When I spoke to her about joining the team - Robyn wasn't sure - she didn't really want to go and do gatherings - 'thats okay' I told her 'you don't have to go and go that - but how about getting your scrapbooking products for a bonus and getting other scrapbooking products absolutely FREE'. 

She loved that idea and has totally fallen in love with the beautiful damask bag in that beautiful Lagoon color which she will get free with her sign up kit.
I am thrilled to have her on my Legacies of Love team and we are going to have fun with
Monica Wihongi when she comes for our play date and all of that new Close To My Heart product :O)

Monday, August 06, 2012

I love the fact that we can be Consultants without being Consultants . . .

. . . . .  'Okay Sara' I can hear you say 'that title makes no sense at all"

Well it really does. I had a long conversation with my dear friend Sarah yesterday and we talked about the ways that you can be a CTMH Consultant.

The easiest way and probably the most popular way is just to be your own customer. You sign up to be a consultant and just buy your own scrapbooking supplies at a minimum of 22% discount. 
You don't do gatherings and don't recruit but you have the benefit of doing your own cardmaking, papercrafting and scrapbooking with discounted and free products. Easy - right???.

The second way is again hugely popular. You become a consultant and once every couple of months your friends order items through you and you show them new techniques - this is really popular because I know so many of you get together to scrap with your friends for a night of fun. 
Not only will you still get your prodects discounts but you will earn money from the products
that your friends buy.

The third way is to hold gatherings with new & established customers and encourage the people you meet to become part of your team - you earn money, vacations, awards and it becomes a business.

There is no right way or wrong way to be a consultant with Close To My Heart 
- every way is the correct way - 
Its your choice :O)

Join Close To My Heart and choose the way you are a consultant - click HERE :O)

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Welcoming Jen to my team :O)

Congratulations and a big shout-out goes to Jennifer as she joins our team - Oh My Gosh are we going to have fun with Miss Monica from the Close To My Heart corporate office when she comes with all of that product PLUS Jennifer gets that gorgeous damask bag and $130 of CTMH supplies for just $49.

I was talking to my CTMH friends the other day and we think its the best deal EVER !!!! 

We have even had HUSBANDS buying as Christmas presents for their WIVES - how cute is that !!!

Because of its fabulous size, the bag is good for all sorts of fun things (in addition to carrying all of your paper crafting supplies. . . LOL)
~ it would make a Stylin' Diaper Bag (use with the shoulder bag handles)
~ a cool College Book Bag (use it with the back-pack handles)
~ a glamorous Beach bag - perfect as it has an easy wipe clean exterior
~ a fashionable Workout bag - as it has 2 waterbottle pockets - and lots of rooms for a towel etc)
How many more uses can YOU think of??

PLUS it comes with $130 of free CTMH  new scrapbooking/papercrafting products - could it get any better??????

Get yours quickly before they are all gone !!  Click HERE to get yours :O)

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Oh my gosh - I have to share this cute photo of our team at the CTMH Dallas Convention last month - soooo much fun and sooooo many giggles. This is before we all put on our moustaches LOL :O)

And I am so happy to welcome Jen Mienkewicz to my team - she is sooooooo excited to get all of those CTMH goodies for just $49 AND the gorgeous Damask CTMH bag FREE plus she is coming to the fun playdate with Monica and I - wooohooo Jen we are going to make some cool things - we have $500 of product to play with :O)

Who else is coming to play with us - join my team and come and join the fun :O) Click HERE :O)
If you have any questions about joining CTMH and getting your scrapbooking supplies discounted please call me at 248-892-2325 :O)


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