Sunday, May 23, 2010

Missing In Action !

Yes I have been missing in action for a week or so - life has been so crazy this lest few weeks. I had by 14 hours long stamp camp on Saturday which was great fun but as you can imagine takes a large amount of preparation.

Added to that - I am so very excited to have been asked by Close To My Heart to teach at our annual convention in Washington DC in July - so again there is lots of work to be done before hand so that I can show  the consultants attending some great ideas with the gorgeous new product.

And THEN - tomorrow I fly to the UK for a week to spend time with my Mum and Dad, sisters and friends. I haven't seen them for 18 months so I am so looking forward to going. My close friend Victoria is coming with me and we are going to spend 2 days in Paris. I went about 20 years ago and Victoria has never visited so as you can imagine we have loads planned.

So please be patient with me - I promise that I have some fun things to post and will try to show you some of my fun photos from 'across the pond'  Have a wonderful week while I am away and I will catch up with you when I get back.

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