Wednesday, June 03, 2009

MG Diva Fun

IT was a lovely morning this morning here in the Motor City - so I took the "Diva" to work. Yes we finally have her up and running - rebuilt carbs, repaired soft top roof and replaced rear suspension :O) She goes like a dream and it is so much fun driving around with the roof down.

THere is a certain amount of smugness driving around smirking at the ofther convertable drivers who have their roofs up! Big girls LOL

Mind you I have my roof down and the heater going full blast - cozy toes :O)

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  1. Years ago, my mom had a convertible (nothing so awesome as your Diva sounds) and I had to borrow it while my vehicle was being repaired. It was a January day when we met for me to return the convertible to her. Bright, sunny, lovely. I had the top down and heater blasting (and windows up...I'm not a fool, it WAS January). I remember she said, "I must be too old for this car if this is what I'm supposed to do in JANUARY." It was a top-down day for certain, and I wouldn't have the convertible beyond that one. I had to take advantage of it! Thanks for posting this and bringing up a fond memory! -JuliAnne :)



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