Monday, June 21, 2010

Hello everyone :O)

I thought I would post a little note to let you know that yet again I haven't fallen off the planet!  I have worked the last 20 days and evenings without a day off so things are just a little crazier than usual.

Leo started Marching Band today - so I took him to his 1st rehersal - I can't believe how time has flown by - it doesn't seem 2 minutes since Robyn was doing Marching band. So between Leo and then with ELliott taking up an instrument and will be doing MB too - I will have another 7 years of this - bring it on!!

I am still creating frantically for my teaching at our coporate event in Washington DC - 2 weeks tomorrow - aaghhhhh. Just when I think I have finished, I then decide to put another piece together just in case I don't have enough LOL

I have used a lot of liquid glass in the last few days - it makes such a fabulous adhesive - for attching buttons, ribbon, sealing the ends of hemp. The list is endless - I think it is my favorite product (this week anyway) so here is a question
What is YOUR favorite CTMH product???


  1. unconditionally, hands down it is my Versa Mat. I cannot work without. I have never seen a similar product that compares. The surface is such that nothing goes sliding away while you are working on it. The numbers and grid marks on the outside of the grid so you can line up anything on a 12X12 layout. The cushioned back is great for stamping. The down side - DO NOT LEAVE IT IN A CAR ON A SUNNY DAY IN FLORIDA. It will warp.

  2. Thanks Leslie - I would never have thought of the VersaMat yet I also use it every day - it is just part of my table LOL :O)



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