Thursday, August 25, 2011

Just to keep you up to date . . .

. . .  I am back into hospital today for yet more surgery :O(  It is 5 months and 2 days since I was last in there and I haven't had a pain free day yet. I am so utterly exhausted by it all.So hopefully after looking inside with cameras etc my new Dr can figure out just what is causing the pain and fix it !!

So my usual apologies for not posting for a while but I am sure you understand. Will let you know how I get on x


  1. Your minions and oodles of fans will wait patiently whilst wishing you the best in recovering with NO PAIN! (I mean, after a "reasonable" recovery period.) Feel gently hugged. Maybe I can get my rear in gear and send a little something to lift spirits. Oooh...wouldn't that be a nice friend? We'll see if I can find her! :)

  2. Just had to try to amuse you that my word verification to post that last comment was "constabl". Not a proper spelling, but I thought it was interesting given your country of origin! :) Do I amuse you?



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