Monday, September 26, 2011

Mischief Workshop On The Go Mini Album.

So here is a fun mini album made from the super cute Mischief WOTG and the new
6x6 Kraft Cards & Envelopes.  
The original idea for an album of this sort was given to us at Convention earlier this year.  

For this album I used 2 complete cards plus the scalloped edge cut from a 3rd card.
I used the stamps and embellishments from the kit only.
I have tried to list the paper piece sizes for each page - I have given you the page description as
when you unfold the pages they aren't in chronological order, but I think it will make sense :O)
5.75 x 5.75 Sunset C/S
5.50 x 5.50 Colonial white C/S

6 x .75 Sunset C/S
4.50 x .50 Zip strip  - Word design
Page 1: 
5 x 3.50 Label design B&T
3.50 x 3.50 Bard Red C/S
3.25 x 3.25 Colonial White C/S

"Book" Page:
6 x 3.50 Black B&T INCLUDING Zip Strip
4.50 x 4.50 Sunset C/S
4.25 x 4.25 Balck C/S
4 x 4 Colonial White C/S
Page 1:
See above

"Spooky" Page:
5 50 x 4.75 Label design B&T
5.50 x 1.25 Label design B&T
4 x 3.25 Black C/S
3.75 x 1 Black C/S
3.75 x 3 Colonial White C/S
3.50 x .75 Colonial White C/S

"Happy Halloween" Page:
5.50x 4.25 Black & White B&T
4.5 x 3.5 Barn Red C/S
4.25 x 3.25 Colonial White C/S
"Fence" Page:
5.75 x 5.75 Sunset B&T
5 x 3.50 Colonial White C/S

"Skull" Page:
5.50 x 4 Colonial White C/S
6 x 1.50 Sunset B&T - attached to the flap cut from the 3rd card and trimmed 
to fit the scallops.
"Candlestick" Page:
4 x 2.50 Label B&T
4 x 2.50 Black B&T
5 x 3 Barn Red C/S
4.50 x 3.50 Colonial White C/S
6 x .50 Grey & White Zip Strip

Well - that's it folks :O) I hope you like it and that it inspires you to make one of your own :O)


  1. This looks great Sara. I hope you don't mind if I copy it so I can make some for my craft shows.

  2. Of Course you can copy Cindy - that's why I list the paper piece sizes - all I would ask is that you give me credit for the idea :O)



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