Sunday, September 02, 2012

Roomie Gifts for Band Camp

I decided to make little gifts for the other Mom's who I shared a cabin with at Band Camp.
As there were 172 kids with us at camp - I knew we had the potential for a few stressful moments
so this hand lotion which I spotted in the drug store was just perfect.
The ticket & the sheet music were stamped in Outdoor Denim ink & sponge distressed in Desert Sand ink. 
I typed the saying on the computer - popped the lotion into a clear bag and added the bag topper and embellishments.
The ladies were thrilled with their little gifts
Hope you like it as much as they did - Love Sara X


  1. Oh it looks beautiful....I know you must be thrilled!!
    christmas gifts

  2. Having had the FUN of being a Mom at Band Camp... I'm sure the gifts were PERFECT... and much needed!!



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