Friday, October 16, 2009

6x6 Memory Showcase Album - Expedition.

This is a fun 6x6 Memory Showcase Album which I made with some of my customers on Saturday - we had so much fun adding the extra fold out pieces and the tags and pockets. I used the expedition Lvel 2 paper pack and matching stickease on this one. Hope you like it :O)


  1. I love the idea, just confused at how you attached the fold outs. I can see the triangle on the one side to make the pocket, but how did you do it on the other - is it under the "page"? Great artwork!

  2. Okay here goes - each section (ie the olive green one) is a 12x12 cardstock sheet with 1/4 of the sheet cut away - (so it looks like an L) the bottom of the L is scored diagonally (I also left a little tab on the edge so I had something to adhere to) the pocket for the tab is an additional triangle of cardstock attached with liquid glass, Hope this makes some sort of sense - if not - let me know :O)



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