Sunday, July 11, 2010

I'm back again from Convention 2010 . . .

. . . .  and I had sooooooo much fun. Not much sleep but lots of giggles, learning, friends, awards, and so much more.    Close To My Heart does such a wonderful job of providing us with a fabulous few days - wish it could last longer. I will start posting photos from convention now that I have finished teaching.  And I will put you out of your suspense - WHAT DID I TEACH???    Well what else but GLITTER :O) I don't think they could have found me a more perfect subject do you LOL.
Most of the artwork from the class will be posted AFTER September 1st when the new idea book comes out - It's a surprise - but the other artwork I made I will post soon :O)


  1. H U R R Y Y Y Y !!!! LOL I've been dying to see all the stuff you made/taught/whatever! I want to hear what you thought about convention too! If you can't post it here, please post on MyFamily!! :)

  2. Kathleen - I LOVED Convention - every minute of it. I loved teaching my class and I will start to post some of the items on here in the next few days :O)



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