Monday, July 12, 2010

Sticky Boy

So many of my customers today were fascinated by Sticky Boy - the little acrylic stamp inside my name badge. SO this is how you get one. Only consultants can find him at corporate events - we can't buy him :O( The corporate staff hide him around the area our classes are in - on windows and mirrors - on tables and staircases - anywhere he will stick and we try to find him. Youknow when he has been found as there is a huge scream from the consultant with sticky boy in her hands. There are abou 4 different sizes - and yes I have 3 of those - still looking for the little itty bitty one.

He was a prototype acrylic stamp when CTMH decided to go from wood mounted stamps to clear blocks and stamps (and aren't we soooooo happy they made that decision - Thank you Jeanette xx) so they did everything they could to prove he was durable and would last.

I will try to make some artwork featuring him in the next few weeks LOL

So 'click' on the title of this post and I hope you enjoy the link :O)


  1. three sticky boys...I am green with envy I didn't manage to find any. Yay for you...I will be on the hunt again next year.

  2. LOL Amy - it has taken me many years to get these - I didn't get them all in one go :O)



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