Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Friendship Album - Extravaganza class artwork.

Here is a mini album which I made from a 12x12 file folio. I will try to give directions as we go along :O) It featured the photos which were taken at the CTMH Leadership conference in July 2009.

I started with the 12x12 folio and put it in the paper trimmer with the tab facing me on the left hand side and scored it vertically at 6" opened it up and then refolded it along this new score line so that it was now 6"x24". I then put it back in the trimmer and scored it at 6" (it was already scored at 12" from the original fold) and then again at 18". So I now have 4  6x6 equal panels. I concertina folded it so it looked like the letter M.  Okay now to start decorating :O)
I used the Grace level 2 paper pack and matching stickease. I did add all of the paper before I sealed up the sections with liquid glass - this 1st section is sealed along the top giving me a side 'pocket'. I used brads to accent the stickease.
On the side of the photo of Dana, Me and Nancy I used another large stickease to form the 'pull section' for the tag and then added cardstock to the back of it so that it wasn't sticky!
 I dry embossed the flowers on the barn red cardstock and then sanded them and added the Glitz glue to the centers of them.
 Here on page 2 I sealed along the score lines with the liquid glass which gave me top pockets. One on page 2 - one between panels 2 and 3 and then one on page 3 (yes I know we haven't got to that picture yet - but trust me LOL)
 Here is the pull out photo that is in the pocket between pages 2 and 3.
 Okay here we go - page 3 and on the pull out of this page the tab was made from a piece of cardstock which I covered with a narrower piece of B&T and used the reverse side and added spots of Glitz glue to accent the printed flowers.

 This last panel was again sealed along the top edge so it gave me yet another pocket to be able to add 2 more pull out photos. One of Judy Pyne and I, and the other of our units group photo at the awards dinner.
Then on the front of page 4 I added a waterfall feature to allow me to add 4 more photos.

The heart stickease on the bottom of the pull out had it's center filled in with glitz glue for a sparkley finish :O)
Hope you like it :O)

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