Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Creations Board Book Mini Album

This little book of fabulosity documents an afternoon of fun at Coughton Court in the UK. My dear friend Victoria and I spent lots of time in the gardens and grounds as well as inside the beautiful house. We had so much fun playing hide and go seek in between the hedges and down the gravel paths :O)
 I love these hardboard books by CTMH. Instead of opening it in the usual fashion I turned it through 90 degrees and opened it top to bottom. I used the Lucky level 2 paper pack to decorate it. Along with lots of the new Chocolate strip ribbon.
 I added a Milepost star and squared shape to the 2 pages which I had inked on the flat side. The Bling buttons are great for a way of adding sparkle. I also used the Bingo alphabet. I love the grid that is included in the set.
 Here I added the bronze Glitz Gel Glue (okay I can never say this to abbreviated it to 'squidgy stuff' at a class I taught last week lol) to the ridges of the milepost shapes. and on the bottom page I inked the flat side then stamped on it to. I love the fact that both sides are so versatile. 
 Again more milepost shapes and on the bottom page I added a fold out page - you know how I like to make my pages, layouts and mini albums interactive.
 Lots more ribbon :O)
On the last page I added 2 photos but cut them so that they were very narrow - but they worked perfectly with the photo subject.
Hope you like this little book as much as I do :O)

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