Monday, November 07, 2011

Wooohoooo - we did it again :O)

Yes my life has - once again - been consumed by the Walled Lake Central Marching Band - and I don't mind one little bit :O)
It has been a crazy time with practice for Leo 4 nights in the week after school PLUS most Saturday - all since the beginning of September - so add that to school plus homework - and that lad of mine has no time to get into mischief - gotta love it.
Anyway - all of that hard work has paid off as on Saturday the State championships were held at Ford Field by the MCBA (Michigan Competing Band Association). All of the bands who competed were wonderful - and the top 3 bands were so close in their marks. But we won 1st place and also took the trophies for Best Marching and Best General Effect. The Plymouth Canton Educational Park took the trophy for Best Music - their show was so pretty - I loved all of the unbrellas that formed the flowers for their "Gardens of Babylon" show.
So now I ( and the rest of the WLCMB) are off to Indianapolis on Wednesday afternoon to take part in the Grand National competition where high school marching bands from across the country come and take place. There are about 100 bands taking part so fingers crossed that our band does well
I will be back late Sunday night and will let you know the outcome. :O)


  1. How did the band do, Sara? Your readers would love to hear!

  2. Unfortunately we had issues with the acoustics int he stadium and although the kids did their best performance yet the judges couldn't hear the intricacies of our music and so we didn't mark as high as the performance should have done. Lots of very disappointed kids and parents too. Many tears all around :O(



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