Monday, November 16, 2009

Sitting quietly

I am sitting here by my Christmas tree - the house is all quiet - everyone is asleep - yes even the dogs - I can hear Yogi snoring from here ! I have caught up with most of my emails, input 6 orders, processed credit cards until my eyes have crossed. But I am done.
It has been a crazy 8 days and it is going to get crazier yet as I am working every day and some evenings until Saturday afternoon. I have made the decision to spend Sunday 22nd (my day off) in my pajamas in front of the TV doing absolutely NOTHING !
Well........ that probably won't happen because my paper and stamps will be nearby and I may just do some more of my Cruise album scrapbooking. I have filled the 1st album and have started on album number 2! Soooo much fun to be shared with you all.
Well I am about to call it a day and head off to bed myself - sleep well everyone and God bless x

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