Thursday, July 28, 2016

Luggage Tags - Base and Bling Style - Extravaganza 2014

How adorable are these. Fun luggage bag tags for your purse. I made them as a cute gift for my friends.

I used the Base and Bling pendant pieces with the alphabet stickers to personalize each one.

Instead of using the glass covers I flooded the front of each piece with Liquid glass so that i was able to set the different gems and sparkles directly into it. I then added a charm across the front - again sunk into the Liquid Glass to keep it secure.

I made the paper beads from the Seaside paper - I took a 0.5" x 3" piece and wrapped it around a wooden skewer and lots of liquid glass sealed it and stopped it from unrolling. I then sandwiched the ribbon between 2 gems for added shine and sparkle.

I hope you love them as much as my friends did and that they inspire you to create - Love Sara xxx

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