Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The fun you can have with your stamps and inks and a Kindle cover :O)

Over Christmas I treated myself to a Kindle - I have finally joined the 21st Centuary. I am a paper
person myself - a tactile person - so all of this electronic gadgetry just doesn't
excite me. BUT as I am headed to Hawaii in just a few weeks the Kindle seemed 
like the perfect solution to hauling a box of books with me.
I found this classic but fun looking cover for it - just like a manilla envelope. 
I love it.
It even has the cool string closure to keep everything safe 

BUT.  .  .  .  .  

It is kinda boring looking in a cool retro way - I knew I could 'bling' it up
and make it look like mine.
So out came the Stazon inks and my favorite stamps and the first thing I did was to add my phone number to the inside flap. God forbid that I should loose the flipping thing - hopefully if I did
someone would be kind enough to return it.
And then the fun stuff - Swirls, postage & images of Paris,
words which I love and my Name.
Then I went nuts with the Bronze Glitz Gel glue.
I LOVE how it turned out - it is so obviously mine LOLOL

Hope you like it too - let me know if you do :O)


  1. Oh, yes! It's absolutely you! And no one can swipe it without being found out. Next, you'll need to stamp your blog and website addresses in there so that if you've happened to leave it anywhere, the finder (not swiper in this scenario) will be intrigued to come here and see all your creations and just know a little more of you, which will make said finder call that precious number and return your envelope and its contents!



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