Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Imagine your dreams becoming reality

Imagine Your Dreams Becoming Reality….

Imagine owning your own scrapbooking company,
one that has an entire creative research & development team working for you.
one that has an entire staff of talented artists working for you,
one that hosts an entire website for you and has an entire I.T. team to back you,
one that has company meetings & yet does not expect you to attend them,
one that has a bank of lawyers to keep things running right,
one that has a complete publication & marketing staff to help you succeed, 
one that has daily office hours, yet it’s cool if you stay home,
one that has an entire events department to support your team,
one that wants YOU to decide how much, how little & when you work,
one that let’s you plan around your family commitments first,
one that wants you to be able to work faster, simpler, easier.

Imagine your dreams.

Imagine looking forward to getting a discount on the best 
scrapbooking & stamping products available?
Imagine waiting for your first kit to come?
Imagine how you are going to spend your first check?
Imagine how fun it will be to hear, “I’ll have a party or I’d like to order directly from your website, or could you give me information about becoming a consultant.”

Imagine your dreams.

Imagine taking it to the next level, with a team of your own.
Imagine all of the friends new and old that you can strengthen relationships with.
Imagine earning Free Trips and Vacations.
Imagine being recognized for your own accomplishments.

 Close To My Heart  here, better than ever, with new programs that deserve a look.
Your upline is here, wanting to help you achieve whatever level of success you want.
Let’s get together as soon as possible and talk about fanning the spark of your imagination into reality, by becoming a
Close To My Heart Consultant.

Email me at batabode@comcast.net or click on the link below to take you directly to the Close To My Heart sign up page 

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