Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Family Love Pendant - Extravaganza

 Here is a fun way to wear our Base and Bling pendant pieces - especially if you don't care to wear a chain with your pendant. Here I threaded 2 square Base and Bling pendants onto the ribbon and tied them together with a simple knot. I placed them on top of each other like spoons.
I added a rose image from the Storyteller Style sheet and sealed it with a thick layer of Liquid Glass. While it was still wet I added the key charm and the heart charm. I added more liquid glass to both of these charms to add the Tan sparkle to the heart and the newGold Bling Gem to the top of the key. I added a small piece of ribbon to the top of the hanging loop for a little extra touch.
Then I made a small accordion style album to fit between the 2 pendants. I then used more of the word images from the same Storyteller style sheet to fit the sections. On the alternate sections I stamped a tiny heart in Hollyhock ink. I glued the bottom end into the bottom pendant and the top end to the back surface of the top pendant. I added a tiny piece of brown glitter paper to disguise the join where the paper attached to the top pendant.
Hope you like it as much as I do :O)    Love Sara xxx



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