Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Embossing powder & Prisma Glitter examples from Extravaganza

This is one of the ideas I taught at the 'All That Glitters' class at Extravaganza. So here is where I played with LOTS of different combinations of Embossing Powder (EP) and Prisma Glitter (PG). Remember I used 2 parts EP to 1 part PG and then heat set it.

In case you can't read the labels under each sample - here goes.
1. Versamark clear ink with a mixture of Clear EP & PG
2. Vanilla cream ink with mixture of Clear EP & PG
3. White daisy ink with mixture of Clear EP & PG
4. Versamark clear ink with mixture of White EP & PG
5. Versamark clear ink with mixture of Cocoa EP & PG
6. Versamark clear ink with mixture of black EP & PG
7. Versamark clear ink with mixture of black EP & PG

The cocoa mixture didn't turn out the way I wanted - thought it would be darker -but hey it is trial and error, right!.
I LOVE THE BLACK!!!  It is even cooler in the last section on the black cardstock - love the way it looks :O) Maybe you will go and experiment too.
Hope you like it too x


  1. Great idea to complete samples of the different combos. Really enjoyed this when you shared it at Extravanganza, but had completely forgotten about it. There was so much info to process those few days!

    Glad you shared on your blog to remind us. :)

  2. You are very welcome - keep watching over the next few weeks as all of my Extravaganza artwork will be featured on here. Did you see the Sept SOTM card which has this exact technique on it - so cool :O)

  3. This is a great idea. Thanks for sharing.



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