Friday, September 10, 2010

My Little Monsters - Extravaganza artwork.

This has to be one of the most cute things I have done. Mind you I am totally biased about these photos being cute :O) I started with the My Creations cube and used the level 2 Topstitch paper pack and stickease. I added the new large felt Hooligan to the top of the box and colored in a Dimensional element 'M' with the chocolate marker before adding prisma glitter over the top. Chocolate dot ribbon held everything in place.
I added the two small felt Hooligans - love those googley eyes on them. I used the corner rounder to make the scalloped edges and put a tiny pearl Opaque in each curve.
The clear buttons had prisma glitter added to the back of them and had chocolate embroidery floss threaded through them - the larger chocolate buttons were threaded with more of the ribbon.
On the stickease I added the tiny pearl colored Opaques and ran a line of liquid glass which I sprinkled with prisma glitter.This makes the Prisma glitter more 3D.
I used a clear acrylic tag in the bottom right hand corner - added prisma glitter to the back of it with liquid glass and attached more Opaques to the from of the tag. A tiny chocolate dot ribbon bow finished it off.
I was absolutely thrilled with the way that this turned out - hope you like it too :O)

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