Monday, August 06, 2012

I love the fact that we can be Consultants without being Consultants . . .

. . . . .  'Okay Sara' I can hear you say 'that title makes no sense at all"

Well it really does. I had a long conversation with my dear friend Sarah yesterday and we talked about the ways that you can be a CTMH Consultant.

The easiest way and probably the most popular way is just to be your own customer. You sign up to be a consultant and just buy your own scrapbooking supplies at a minimum of 22% discount. 
You don't do gatherings and don't recruit but you have the benefit of doing your own cardmaking, papercrafting and scrapbooking with discounted and free products. Easy - right???.

The second way is again hugely popular. You become a consultant and once every couple of months your friends order items through you and you show them new techniques - this is really popular because I know so many of you get together to scrap with your friends for a night of fun. 
Not only will you still get your prodects discounts but you will earn money from the products
that your friends buy.

The third way is to hold gatherings with new & established customers and encourage the people you meet to become part of your team - you earn money, vacations, awards and it becomes a business.

There is no right way or wrong way to be a consultant with Close To My Heart 
- every way is the correct way - 
Its your choice :O)

Join Close To My Heart and choose the way you are a consultant - click HERE :O)

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