Wednesday, August 08, 2012

My Beautiful Bracelet

I had to show you my gorgeous bracelet - I do have a couple more charms to add to it but wanted to share it with you so far. This is my Celebrate Close To My Heart bracelet and it represents all sorts of areas of my business with Close To My Heart. So this is what the charms represent
The butterfly was a gift from my dearest friend in CTMH - so it represents ALL of the friends I have made since  I joined CTMH 9 years ago.
The Heart is for Close To My Heart and the love that Janette Lynton - the CEO - has for us all.
The Suitcase represents my 1st cruise which I earned which was to Alaska.
The Fish represents the 2nd cruise which was the Mediterranean cruise.
The Kiwi was for the New Zealand land trip
The Palm Tree was for the Western Caribbean cruise
There is a Star Fish (waiting to be added) which represented the cruise to the Eastern Carribean cruise.
Then there is Mickey Mouse which represents the fun Conventions we have had at the Disney resorts
The Bag of Money represents the money I earn from being an Independent Consultant with CTMH - it ways for Leo to do Marching Band, both of the boys trumpet payments, my car and fun trips which we wouldn't be able to take otherwise.
And finally the Turtle was for the Hawaiian island cruise which I earned this year and the pearl is from the oyster I opened when we were on Waikiki beach.
I need another bead to represent the upcoming cruise - this time to the Southern Caribbean which I have earned and will cruise in February 2013.
Hope you like it :O)

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