Friday, August 31, 2012

Cruise 2008 albums finally finished !!!!

Well it took me long enough I know !!!

It was a 12 day trip - 7 days around the Mediterranean & 3 days in the UK.
And I am pleased to tell you that back in February I finally finished it and took a photo of the stack of albums which I had to use to be able to contain all of the layouts 
which I had made of our amazing vacation :O)
I put the ink pads next to it to give you a point of reference to you can see just how many layouts I did !!
This project was truly Close To My Heart. 
The top album contains just the 3 days in the UK - the bottom 2 are of the 
cruise :O)
I used the same paper, cardstock and inks throughout all 3 albums - makes life so easy.
Hope this makes you smile :O)   Love Sara x

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