Tuesday, January 21, 2014

'Fabulous' Wall Hanging

This is made from the upside down base of the My Creations Collage Cube Tray.
It was a perfect size to make a little wall hanging.
 I have to say that I do love this Laughing Lola paper - the black and gold and pink can make it look really 'girlie' or you can choose the blue and gold and black patterns for a more family/masculine look,
you can see I went for the girlie look here hahaha :O)
More flowers, glitter, glitter paper and sparkles and more of the Base and Bling Purple Jewels withe the flowers and the larger pink sparkles. - whats not to like??
I do like using the black and white photos with this paper pack - that way the colors in the photos don't compete with the paper patterns.
Hope you like it :O)
Love Sara xxx

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