Monday, April 07, 2014

Ariana Workshop on the Go Scrapbook Layout

I have to say that I absolutely love this layout - It is based on the layout in the 
Spring/Summer 2014 Idea book which only shows a single page - but it is so pretty.
My dear friend Victoria worked on this one too and this is my version of what we came up with.

I love the Dimensional Elements which match the paper and in the WOTG
 you get the cool Black and Grey Epoxy Bubbles as well as the pretty ribbon bows.
On the Dimensional Element Camera piece I used l the silvery grey one Epoxy bubbles to 
fill the center of the printed image and then liquid glassed them in place to make it look 
like a camera lens. This photo does not do it justice.
I did put 2 photo mats side by side on the left hand page which allows 2 photos of 4x6 
or you could put one photo 8 x 6 in that area.
Again just like the card which I posted on April 2nd, I have layered the paper pieces 
and it is such a pretty technique.
Hope you like it too - Love Sara xxx


  1. How beautiful! I love that layout in the book :) Such a lot of work-cutting each of those little rectangles!

  2. Clare they were actually very easy - 1x3" and using the CTMH Versamat made it very easy to line them up :O)



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